All Inclusive Ads 2012 Update

Currently I have invested over $500 in safelists hoping to find the next best converting traffic source with minimal luck.  All Inclusive Ads is still at the top of my list for traffic and conversions even after many months.  A while ago I joined The Empower Network and Zeek Rewards and I am getting a TONNE of conversions from All Inclusive Ads.  If you haven’t already snagged an account I highly recommend you do so!

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Top 5 Reasons I Use All Inclusive Ads

On the Internet, it’s not uncommon to see or hear people saying that content is king. What this means is that if you want to make it big, or even just to break even in any kind of online product or service business, you have to make sure that your content is in order. Otherwise, what are people going to go to you for? That makes sense, but how are the people supposed to get to you in the first place? In the end, what it all really boils down to is traffic. And traffic–large amounts of it–is exactly what you can expect to get from All Inclusive Ads.

All Inclusive Ads has everything you need to make the most out of your online product or service campaigns. No matter what kind of thing you want to market online, you will surely benefit from All Inclusive Ads just as I have. Here are the top 5 reasons why I use All Inclusive Ads on all my online campaigns.

Reason #1: You don’t have to be very technical

Other products have you going through hoops and learning all sorts of technical mumbo-jumbo just to be able to make the first move. And often, that doesn’t even result in a first sale. These products are only going to end up wasting your time and in the end won’t even help you make one penny for your worries. Meanwhile, you have All inclusive Ads which is very easy to set up and doesn’t require you to have any amount of technical expertise at all. In fact, you can set it up quite easily just by making a few key presses on your keyboard and clicks on your mouse.

Reason #2: Set up is a breeze

Because of the fact that set up is not that technical, you will be able to easily breeze through it in less than          10-15 minutes. And of course, you only need to go through the set up process one time. All of this saved time has helped me focus more on generating sales off the leads that All inclusive Ads provides for me.

Reason #3: The All Inclusive Ads pool of traffic is massive

Can you imagine how much traffic the $40,000 All Inclusive Ads budget will drive to your web sites? If you can’t, don’t worry. That’s normal. You can rest easy with the thought that it comprises an incredibly vast network of potential sales that you can make easily all within the first month.

Reason #4: All Inclusive Ads handles all other costs

No matter what kind of product or service you are looking to market, you can only benefit from having access to a pool of traffic that costs $40,000 per month. And the best thing about it is that you don’t have to worry about paying your own money for it–it’s all part of All Inclusive Ads’s budget.

Reason #5: It just works

At first, I was skeptical about the effectiveness of All Inclusive Ads. But in the end, everything became clear: this is a system that works. If you are having any doubts about it, expect all these to become dispelled within a month of using the program. That’s my own experience, and that is why I love All Inclusive Ads and continue to use it to this day.

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All Inclusive Ads: How Good and Effective is Their Advertising?

After 5 months of being an All Inclusive Ads member, I decided to test several different kinds of ads with my links and observed how All Inclusive Ads worked with each one of them. I wasn’t willing to spend money or fancy software just to do this so I have done this by reverse engineering the process, looking at it from the end user’s point of view and directly contacting the people who have signed under me.

I found Google Adwords, Yahoo PPC, articles, YouTube, and social media traffic from the giant sites Facebook and Twitter as the most interesting and significant to test.

Here is what I’ve discovered:

With Google Adwords and Yahoo PPC, I tested AIA traffic by contacting everyone who directly signed up for my opt-in and asked how they came to find my site. One-third of the people who responded said that they saw my link through a PPC ad they clicked on.

I decided to test the traffic from article marketing next: the links I uploaded to the traffic rotator were incorporated into professional and well-written articles that even had a number of back links attached to them. For an unadvertised bonus, this sure brings more value than what I paid for.

As for the visitors I got through Youtube videos, the links I promoted through their huge traffic rotator were converted into nicely done videos indeed. They did two videos: one appealing to the masses looking for the most value within a budget while the other video targeted the more high ticket opportunists who were willing to invest a little more than $500.

If there’s anything that adds more to the power of All Inclusive Ads, it’s the social bookmarking traffic they get you. AIA member links are ready for posting to exactly 125 sites at the time of this writing, and they are presented as posts with targeted descriptions and titles. With the catchy phrases used in the posts, there is no reason for AIA member links to gain popularity quickly and receive quite a healthy amount of organic traffic.

In closing, traffic from Google Adwords, Yahoo PPC, article marketing, YouTube videos, and social bookmarking sites are the five types of ad media I’ve tested my links on so far. For something so simple, easy, and effortless, the advertising quantity and quality is well over the $30 per month fee you pay for.

If you want to see advertising that over delivers and advertising that works, go ahead and see what All Inclusive Ads has to offer.

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Save Time and Money on Quality Advertising with All Inclusive Ads

Let’s face it—in order to get a reasonable amount of traffic to your sites, let alone quality traffic, requires time, effort, and money. Maybe you’re thinking, how can All Inclusive Ads help?

It takes time and effort to: open others’ emails, view others’ sites, study how to bid for keywords, actually bid for keywords, study PPC rules, subscribe to all other safelists, consider upgrading or which payment plan would be the best for you, or writing articles not to mention planning what to say, pinging, backlinking, social bookmarking, et cetera, et cetera!

It takes money to: engage in ad campaigns like PPC, purchase credits you can use to build a following, buy positioning for your ad if you want quality exposure.

But sooner or later you will have to answer the question: is all your time, effort, and money getting you the results you want worth it in terms of investment? With All Inclusive Ads, it is. Here’s why:

Reasonable $30 flat fee – AIA costs you money, because it is basically paid traffic. They spend $40,000 on pure advertising every month and all they ask of its members is $30 per month.

But if you think this is expensive you will realize that it is all you will really need as it turns out to be better than all the other programs with upgrade and downgrade options since all its users reap the same benefits, (except for increased traffic shares the longer you stay, which is only deserving!) .

This spares you from spending money on a million other little things just to accomplish one major goal.

One-time, instant set-up – their traffic rotator will work for you day and night without fail, no need to worry about not getting traffic during your much needed idle times such as siestas, coffee breaks, end of office hours if you were a one-man show doing all of this yourself.

Once you put up your links out there it will work for you. And my, is it ever easy! Putting your links up isn’t hard and there is no sweat involved at all. You can do other things like think of better ideas and do the things you love, making the wisest use of your time.

Quality, safety net for experiences and mistakes – AIA provides a good environment to test your money-making ideas because you are testing 10 links all at the same time. If something doesn’t work you can take it off, tweak it until it’s right, and put it back onto the rotator again. You don’t need to declare bankruptcy, call it off as a break even, or go into debt over your online businesses too soon.

The Ultimate Time and Money Saver

All Inclusive Ads  saves you save money because of a sure-fire return of traffic from your $30 that has increased chances of getting you sales, and it saves you time because it virtually runs on autopilot after you set it up. You won’t have to purchase credits, bid on keywords, which may or may not land you targeted traffic and potential sales. Being the ultimate time and money saver, need you ask for anything more?

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All Inclusive Ads vs. Adchiever Review: Which One is Better?

Adchiever is a viral list builder, meaning it enables you to send out email ads in exchange for opening email ads of other members. How good you fare will be based on how loyal you are to the service and how much credits you will be able to earn and use.

Also, the more you use it, the more free advertising you get. This facilitates an environment of active users who actually open emails so they actually get to see other members’ ads, as opposed to sending out thousands of emails only to get deleted way before getting opened, resulting in actual exposure of your ads.

All Inclusive Ads is an advertising co-op that makes use of a massive traffic rotator to advertise its members’ links. They purchase $40,000 worth in bulk advertising PER MONTH in virtually all sorts of advertising media such as Google Adwords, PPC, social bookmarking traffic, and more. The result is steady, targeted, high quality traffic that is funneled to your links in relevance to their search results.


Adchiever has different membership levels. It starts with the free level, but there is an option to go for the Platinum membership at a monthly payment of $4.48 with the benefits of sending out 1500 emails every 3 day. If you want to avail of the Platinum level for 1 whole year, it would be a one-time payment of $73.87. The highest membership is the Diamond membership level at $147.75, renewable every year which allows you to send 3,000 emails every 4 days, having a base of 3,000 members to advertise to every 4 days.

All Inclusive Ads is a paid subscription with a flat rate of $30 monthly for as long as you want to remain a member. They allow you to advertise up to 10 different links per account. It may seem to cost a bit more than Adchiever, but they aim to send targeted, buyer traffic flowing to all 10 of your links , 24 hours and 7 days a week with just a one time uploading of the links which you want advertised.

Quantity of traffic

Yes, Adchiever works and are quite satisfied with the program, although unbiased user reviews are few as of this moment. After all, with Adchiever users get a fair chance at advertising in relation to their efforts. Many marketers make use of viral list builders to consistently multiply their leads by a dozen to a hundredfold.

All Inclusive Ads is getting popular with each day that passes. Almost all users are highly satisfied with the traffic they are getting, but quantity of sign-ups, opt-ins, or conversions will still depend on how popular your link topics are and how good your offers actually are.

Also, you get to Advertise with Adchiever mainly through emails, but they allow you to do so with login and banner advertisements as well, up to 125×125 in size in good visible locations. But interestingly enough, as the name of All Inclusive Ads implies, your exposure is not only limited to login and banner ads, but is inclusive of newspaper traffic, article directory traffic, and expired domain name traffic as well just to name a few. This means traffic flowing from a wider and more diverse range of surfers.

Quality of traffic

Traffic with Adchiever is reasonably good. This is due to a good reward system in place that has what they call “achievement points” and “milestones.” For each email you click to open you get one achievement point. You can trade in these points once reach certain milestones for rewards, a few of which are free upgraded memberships, free membership extensions, mailing, banner ad, and login ad credits.

Users are assured of real traffic due to an anti-cheat technology that prevents click bots from automatically opening emails. You also get the chance to maximize your earnings by getting referrals to Adchiever’s supported sites on autopilot because of a built-in downline builder available to paid higher membership levels.

When it comes to the quality of traffic, it is better targeted with All Inclusive Ads because traffic flows with the search engine results, so people who see your links have an interest in what you have to offer even before clicking on your link. They are also more bent on buying without you having to do a lot of convincing. With Adchiever, you get the exposure you want which viewers may or may not be interested in.


Adchiever users love the thought that they can work their way to upgrades, credits, and other bonuses simply by reading and opening emails. People also respond better because their emails are actually getting read.

Adchiver has done well to implement an effective reward system, and let its users feel like their effort is well spent in comparison to other kinds of viral list builders that give you a static amount of credits unless you upgrade. Not bad at all for something free.

But if you were to pay at all for advertising, you will definitely get better quality and higher quantity of traffic with All Inclusive Ads. All Inclusive Ads also rewards loyalty and has a good affiliate program in place.

Though unadvertised on their official site, users experience that the longer you stay with them, the bigger the share of traffic you get from the rotator. The fee may be fixed at $30 monthly, but you get what you pay for several times over and start seeing results within minutes from signing up.

You get traffic and exposure a hundred times more you they ever could if you were to market o your own. Their service is nothing short of impressive as their highly satisfied members can attest to.


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Boost Your Global NPN Earnings and Exposure with All Inclusive Ads

If you have signed up for Global NPN which is an all-in-one Internet marketer’s business toolbox with everything you need to get you up and running online, you already realize that not only will Global NPN get you started, you can also earn from Global NPN as well.

Global NPN gives you an opportunity to earn with them by promoting your business to others in return for commissions. You can say that they have some sort of an affiliate program, so once you sign up with them they give you your own unique affiliate link.

If you are to refer people Global NPN and let alone get them to sign up through your affiliate link, people need to see your affiliate link out there in the open. The only way your link will gain presence is by advertising it.

All Inclusive Ads allows you to focus on your online business while getting traffic to your links 24/7, 30 days a month for as long as you want to be with them.

You won’t have to spend any effort building a list, earning credits, or bidding for keywords because All Inclusive Ads automatically pulls in paid, high-quality and targeted traffic for you as you while away your time working, playing, or doing anything else you please.

All you need to do is make good sites or blogs for people who: 1) are looking to earn money online, 2) looking for how to get traffic to their sites 3) wanting to know how to build a list 4) want to earn commissions through affiliate marketing and you’re good to go.

There are 4 ways on how to earn with Global NPN, and All Inclusive Ads will help you achieve that goal of earning hundreds of dollars with this program alone. The 4 methods are:

  1. Monthly referral commissions – depending on your membership plan, you can earn anywhere from $5 to $150 per month on each of all your personal referrals to Global NPN.

You won’t need any qualifications to earn and the only limit you have in how much you will earn is your membership plan. All Inclusive Ads will maximize the exposure of your affiliate link to all kinds of advertising media to get it found by people with the same interests, consequently increasing the chances of their signing up through it.

  1. Monthly downline commissions – not only do you earn commissions through YOUR personal referrals, you also get a commission if your downlines refer others as well. You get downline commissions up to 5 levels wide AND 5 levels deep.

The downline commission system is the same for all membership levels and you earn $0.50 per downline member, including spillovers.

You can easily and effortlessly get all the commissions you could possibly ever have with All Inclusive Ads, helping you through all your 5 levels wide and 5 levels down.

  1. 100% monthly matching bonuses – every month, you earn 100% the amount of your referrals’ downline commissions, regardless of your upgrade level.

All Inclusive Ads aids greatly in getting you 100% monthly matching bonuses by exponentially multiplying your downlines.  AIA gets your affiliate link to people whom you don’t even know and introduces them to Global NPN as your sites are put on AIA’s massive traffic rotator.

  1. One-time upgrade bonuses – no matter what your upgrade level, you can earn a one-time $5 bonus once your referrals sign up for the PLUS upgrade levels or higher.

All Inclusive Ads is the answer to easily obtaining one-time upgrade bonuses because if you promote your Global NPN affiliate link via All Inclusive Ads, it will reach more ready buyers than you could ever personally convince or promote to by yourself or your team.

That’s high-quality, targeted traffic to your link that will benefit from All Inclusive Ads’ $40,000 monthly expense on advertising so you won’t have to.

It’s like you getting a share in $40,000 worth of ads monthly and getting quality and quantity traffic for that price.

But instead of paying $40,000 monthly on advertising alone, you pay a measly $30 per month for as long as you want to remain a member.  You can even cancel anytime.

In closing, All Inclusive Ads is the best way to expose your Global NPN link because it will get a lot more referrals, sign-ups, and bonuses from advertising it via AIA than you ever could on your own.

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All Inclusive Ads: Scam or Legit?

All Inclusive Ads is an advertising co-op run in the form of a traffic rotator.  They claim to spend $40,000 every month promoting the rotator through various advertising methods such as:

  • – Google Adwords / Yahoo PPC (multiple thousands spent monthly)
  • – Newspaper Advertising (in over 5,000 North American Newspapers)
  • – Banner Advertising (bulk ads purchased on a network of thousands of websites)
  • – Expired Domain Name traffic (traffic shared from 1000’s of expired domain names)
  • – Popup/Popunder traffic (pop traffic from a network of hundreds of websites)
  • – You Tube Videos (traffic on hundreds of unique You Tube videos)
  • – Social Bookmarking (traffic from links on 125 of the top social bookmarks sites)
  • – Articles (from links on thousands of search engine indexed articles)
  • – Press Releases (traffic from links on 100 search engine indexed press releases)
  • – Blog posts (traffic from links on over 250 high traffic blogs)
  • – And MORE!

By having All Inclusive Ads promote your site the draw is that the member will save time money and effort as all the advertising will be done for you.  At $29.95/month the cost is relatively low.

Too good to be true? Some may think so.  How could they spend $40,000/month on advertising the rotator while only charging members $29.95/month.  This would obviously depend on how many members are in the system.  All Inclusive Ads would need 1335 active members in the system just to break even each month on the $40,000.

The sales page is full of testimonials in the form of customer images, audio clips and videos. This drastically increasing the lure of the service as potential customers get a glimpse of what they can expect as they watch/listen/read them.

First Hand Experience of The Service

Joining the service is simple.  You click the order button on the sales page that directs you to the 2checkout order form.  You can pay via credit card or paypal via 2checkout.  Once payment has been made a receipt is sent to your email address as well as an activation email.  Once you click the activation email you can login to your account and setup your links.

They let you add up to 10 links in the members area for traffic distribution.  Once your links are added there is not much left to do besides wait for the traffic and results.  There is a testimonials page in the members area where clients can submit reviews of the service.
After reading pages of reviews I can say that pretty much all of them are very positive.  Some include pics, emails and audio clips.

All Inclusive Ads: Pros and Cons

On the pros side, the service actually works!

After testing the service for 6 weeks I can confidently say they actually deliver on their promises and results were far better than expected.  I was promoting a $199 affiliate program.  I secured 11 sales in 6 weeks which netted a total revenue of $2189.  Not bad for $30/month.  Of course I only earned 25% of the $199 sales as I am an affiliate but regardless, $2189 of product was sold due to All Inclusive Ads.

After spending an hour scouring the net for other All Inclusive Ads experiences I can say that the consensus is the same amount other customers.  The service works and delivers excellent results consistently.

Cons? There appears to be none.  All Inclusive Ads saves the user time and money as they do not have to spend time and large sums of money doing their own promotion.

I guess a con would be that there is no way of traffic the traffic AIA sends you but this is understandable as they promoting your site directly through the rotator.  You will need to track traffic on your own end if you wish.  I simply tracked sales as that was enough to
determine if the service works or not.

All Inclusive Ads: Customer Support

I was skeptical how responsive AIA support would be so I submitted a test ticket.  The ticket was answered within 22 minutes.  Not bad.  I submitted a total of 12 tickets to date and all were answered within 6 hours.  Very impressive.  Support was very polite, helpful and informative.

The Affiliate program:

All Inclusive Ads offers members an incentive for promoting the service to others.  Normally I won’t promote something unless it works for me personally, so in this case I have no problem recommending them to others.

They pay out commissions for the $29.95/month subscriptions on 5 levels

level 1: $5/month
level 2: $4/month
level 3: $3/month
level 4: $2/month
level 5: $1/month

I can confirm the conversion rate of AIA is very high.  I suspect since the sales page sells so well.  The retention rate is very well I suspect because the service works so well that people keep paying, which earns the sponsor continuous recurring commissions.

All Inclusive Ads: Conclusion

I would rate this service one of the best I have tried in 13 years of online marketing.  The rate is extremely affordable and they deliver the results they promise.  I would recommend them to others as both an ad service and an affiliate program to promote based on my personal experience and the experiences of others I have found online.

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