All Inclusive Ads: Scam or Legit?

All Inclusive Ads is an advertising co-op run in the form of a traffic rotator.  They claim to spend $40,000 every month promoting the rotator through various advertising methods such as:

  • – Google Adwords / Yahoo PPC (multiple thousands spent monthly)
  • – Newspaper Advertising (in over 5,000 North American Newspapers)
  • – Banner Advertising (bulk ads purchased on a network of thousands of websites)
  • – Expired Domain Name traffic (traffic shared from 1000’s of expired domain names)
  • – Popup/Popunder traffic (pop traffic from a network of hundreds of websites)
  • – You Tube Videos (traffic on hundreds of unique You Tube videos)
  • – Social Bookmarking (traffic from links on 125 of the top social bookmarks sites)
  • – Articles (from links on thousands of search engine indexed articles)
  • – Press Releases (traffic from links on 100 search engine indexed press releases)
  • – Blog posts (traffic from links on over 250 high traffic blogs)
  • – And MORE!

By having All Inclusive Ads promote your site the draw is that the member will save time money and effort as all the advertising will be done for you.  At $29.95/month the cost is relatively low.

Too good to be true? Some may think so.  How could they spend $40,000/month on advertising the rotator while only charging members $29.95/month.  This would obviously depend on how many members are in the system.  All Inclusive Ads would need 1335 active members in the system just to break even each month on the $40,000.

The sales page is full of testimonials in the form of customer images, audio clips and videos. This drastically increasing the lure of the service as potential customers get a glimpse of what they can expect as they watch/listen/read them.

First Hand Experience of The Service

Joining the service is simple.  You click the order button on the sales page that directs you to the 2checkout order form.  You can pay via credit card or paypal via 2checkout.  Once payment has been made a receipt is sent to your email address as well as an activation email.  Once you click the activation email you can login to your account and setup your links.

They let you add up to 10 links in the members area for traffic distribution.  Once your links are added there is not much left to do besides wait for the traffic and results.  There is a testimonials page in the members area where clients can submit reviews of the service.
After reading pages of reviews I can say that pretty much all of them are very positive.  Some include pics, emails and audio clips.

All Inclusive Ads: Pros and Cons

On the pros side, the service actually works!

After testing the service for 6 weeks I can confidently say they actually deliver on their promises and results were far better than expected.  I was promoting a $199 affiliate program.  I secured 11 sales in 6 weeks which netted a total revenue of $2189.  Not bad for $30/month.  Of course I only earned 25% of the $199 sales as I am an affiliate but regardless, $2189 of product was sold due to All Inclusive Ads.

After spending an hour scouring the net for other All Inclusive Ads experiences I can say that the consensus is the same amount other customers.  The service works and delivers excellent results consistently.

Cons? There appears to be none.  All Inclusive Ads saves the user time and money as they do not have to spend time and large sums of money doing their own promotion.

I guess a con would be that there is no way of traffic the traffic AIA sends you but this is understandable as they promoting your site directly through the rotator.  You will need to track traffic on your own end if you wish.  I simply tracked sales as that was enough to
determine if the service works or not.

All Inclusive Ads: Customer Support

I was skeptical how responsive AIA support would be so I submitted a test ticket.  The ticket was answered within 22 minutes.  Not bad.  I submitted a total of 12 tickets to date and all were answered within 6 hours.  Very impressive.  Support was very polite, helpful and informative.

The Affiliate program:

All Inclusive Ads offers members an incentive for promoting the service to others.  Normally I won’t promote something unless it works for me personally, so in this case I have no problem recommending them to others.

They pay out commissions for the $29.95/month subscriptions on 5 levels

level 1: $5/month
level 2: $4/month
level 3: $3/month
level 4: $2/month
level 5: $1/month

I can confirm the conversion rate of AIA is very high.  I suspect since the sales page sells so well.  The retention rate is very well I suspect because the service works so well that people keep paying, which earns the sponsor continuous recurring commissions.

All Inclusive Ads: Conclusion

I would rate this service one of the best I have tried in 13 years of online marketing.  The rate is extremely affordable and they deliver the results they promise.  I would recommend them to others as both an ad service and an affiliate program to promote based on my personal experience and the experiences of others I have found online.

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22 Responses to All Inclusive Ads: Scam or Legit?

  1. I have joined and am getting results.
    thank you.

  2. simonbyrne11 says:

    Thanks for the informative review sound pretty impressive willing to take the risk of 30 bucks
    will certainly take you up on offer thanks again for concise review

  3. Clayton Masse says:

    Hey.. after reading this review I signed up on June 19 about 4pm…will post again as soon as I get any results…I am expecting big results..I submited 5 links and am hoping fewer links will result in more advertising for each, instead of diluting it with all 10….lets wait and see!

  4. nycmodder says:

    Great post. Read it for the first time 3 weeks ago. Am now back to post my experience. Overall I’m a happy camper. The hits were legit and I actually made a few sales. Bargain for $30. Considering a 2nd account. Cheers. {Anton}

  5. P3K says:

    Ok. I think I read enough positive testimonials so I am jumping in and see what AIA is about.
    I will come back and post my result!
    Let’s GOOO!!


  6. Chikabiz says:

    I joined yesterday and hits appear to be coming in. I’ll let ya’ll know if any of them actually buy from me. Thank you.

  7. Chikabiz says:

    Well I’m 9 days in and thought I would post an update. Traffic has been actually quite impressive and I sold 3 digital products for a total of $150. Not too bad for just over a week. I’ll post again if anyone appreciates these updates. Thank you.

  8. Sherri says:

    I have read a lot of testomonials for this company. Might have to try it out for a month and see how it goes.

  9. Thanks for your review. I am tempted to try this for at least a month.

  10. Larry T says:

    OK…looks promising the $30 bucks a month is a drop in the bucket for what I’ve been paying Facebook and LinkedIn..even though my ad pulls, my sales are not that great. So I’ll give it a try.
    Thanks for your serious investigation of this service.

  11. Larry T says:

    OK…looks promising the $30 bucks a month is a drop in the bucket for what I’ve been paying Facebook and LinkedIn..even though my ad pulls, my sales are not that great. So I’ll give it a try.
    Thanks for your serious investigation of this service.

  12. Eugene says:

    Geno Baca says,
    Sounds like a great tool I’m buy it & try it.
    LoL later u all & GOD BLESS!

  13. Earl Coles says:

    I love the Service, just remember it should only be one part of your marketing resources.

  14. Margaret S. Craft says:

    I took the leap based on this blog and comments. Sooooo glad I did. What a change this traffic has made to my business. Signups are coming in for the first time. I also found out you get an additional share traffic each month (my sponsor told me this) So I’m expecting things to pick up even more! I will post back soon with a followup.

  15. Robin Housley says:

    Does anyone know if you can create 2 All Inclusive Ads accounts? Is this against their policy? I am very happy with the results thus far. Robin

  16. Jake says:

    I joined All Inclusive Ads last week and so far so good! I’m promoting a Lead Skimmer link and am getting consistent new leads through the use of this ad service. Good job and highly recommended!

  17. Diana from NYC says:

    Hi, this is Diana, and I wanted to let you know about my experience with By nature, I like to do a lot of due diligence, before committing my advertising dollars to my business, and I was very happy to find that All Inclusive Ads was very prudent with how they spent my advertising budget. I researched the website, and found them not only to be very reputable, but organized and efficient as well. Overall, I wanted a well managed company to run MY well managed company, and All Inclusive Ads did that and more. Awesome experience!

  18. If you are new to internet marketing or just cannot figure out how to get leads for your business, then is for you. While you are concentrating and focusing on your product or service, let work on getting leads for your business! works night and day and is online 24 hours a day. It is the perfect compliment to any advertising and marketing program. You can expect an easy way to attract new clients and new leads at an affordable cost. This cost will be covered many times over by the business that you will attract. can have you up and running in a matter of a few minutes and get your business in front of hungry buyers. Are you ready? Can you handle the traffic that is waiting to see your product or service? For the seasoned internet business owner or novice, has something for you. Everyone benefits from more traffic and more exposure. More people looking at your business means more potential clients and that equals more profits for you, plain and simple. If you are ready to up your marketing and advertising platforms and get the clients and leads that you need and deserve, get started today with! Highly recommended!
    Tammi C.
    Arlington, VA.

  19. IM Allstars 2012 says:

    I have my whole team using All Inclusive Ads due to the fast results achieved. My teams motivation is paramount which makes it imperative I have effective, affordable ad services to recommend that DELIVER. Thankfully All Inclusive Ads is my “go to” program when a team member needs results to stay motivated in this crazy industry. Thankyou. Rob

  20. Sash Fuller says:

    I use All Inclusive Ads and they are NOT a scam. Quite the opposite. I actually wrote a blog post on this matter. Click my name to read!

  21. Wendy says:

    I’ll admit I’ve been overwhelmed with this whole marketing thing on the web but AIA honestly does work wonders. I’m turning a profit promoting my Empower Network link with them and making money for the first time on the web. I ❤ AIA!!
    Wendy ❤ ❤ ❤

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