All Inclusive Ads: How Good and Effective is Their Advertising?

After 5 months of being an All Inclusive Ads member, I decided to test several different kinds of ads with my links and observed how All Inclusive Ads worked with each one of them. I wasn’t willing to spend money or fancy software just to do this so I have done this by reverse engineering the process, looking at it from the end user’s point of view and directly contacting the people who have signed under me.

I found Google Adwords, Yahoo PPC, articles, YouTube, and social media traffic from the giant sites Facebook and Twitter as the most interesting and significant to test.

Here is what I’ve discovered:

With Google Adwords and Yahoo PPC, I tested AIA traffic by contacting everyone who directly signed up for my opt-in and asked how they came to find my site. One-third of the people who responded said that they saw my link through a PPC ad they clicked on.

I decided to test the traffic from article marketing next: the links I uploaded to the traffic rotator were incorporated into professional and well-written articles that even had a number of back links attached to them. For an unadvertised bonus, this sure brings more value than what I paid for.

As for the visitors I got through Youtube videos, the links I promoted through their huge traffic rotator were converted into nicely done videos indeed. They did two videos: one appealing to the masses looking for the most value within a budget while the other video targeted the more high ticket opportunists who were willing to invest a little more than $500.

If there’s anything that adds more to the power of All Inclusive Ads, it’s the social bookmarking traffic they get you. AIA member links are ready for posting to exactly 125 sites at the time of this writing, and they are presented as posts with targeted descriptions and titles. With the catchy phrases used in the posts, there is no reason for AIA member links to gain popularity quickly and receive quite a healthy amount of organic traffic.

In closing, traffic from Google Adwords, Yahoo PPC, article marketing, YouTube videos, and social bookmarking sites are the five types of ad media I’ve tested my links on so far. For something so simple, easy, and effortless, the advertising quantity and quality is well over the $30 per month fee you pay for.

If you want to see advertising that over delivers and advertising that works, go ahead and see what All Inclusive Ads has to offer.

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